Ugly? I don’t think so. Sure they look a little different but I think they look kind of cute – they look a bit like puppies. Not that I’d suggest eating puppies.. well, we’ll see. Put it this way – I’d rather take one home to meet my mother than a monkfish.

Whatever you think of their looks they’re an excellent fish to cook with if you prepare yourself for a little work.

The gurnard is a sustainable fish so go ahead and eat a load of them. The reason they’re not over fished, I would imagine, is, as I mentioned, that they take a little more work than popping down to the supermarket and buying big old fillet of cod. But – that’s where the satisfaction comes from with this fish – it takes that extra little bit more time and thought. Plus – they are generally cheap to buy. I bought 5 for £10 on my travels recently. Not bad value.

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