FAQ - epulo

What is epulo?

It’s all about the food.

epulo is a recipe sharing website that gives food bloggers more freedom to promote their work and share their awesome recipes with the world.


I’m a food blogger – how do I add content?

You need to join here, check your email after you have joined to confirm you’re not a robot and off you go… start adding your awesome recipes.


But – I want the visitors to click through to my site, not read them on your site!

Of course you do – that’s why we’re more than happy accept your posts with just a brief description – you don’t need to post the whole recipe.

Obviously the more content you provide, the easier it will be for your recipe to be found in the site search but choosing relevant keywords will help you out there so the description just needs to be a teaser.

If you want to post the full recipe – great! Go right ahead – we’ll still link straight through to your site.


I don’t have a food blog but I’ve got some rocking recipes to share?

No problem – you can still submit your recipes without linking back to a food blog. Join here and start submitting your recipes today.


How long will it take before my recipe is added?

Provided your recipe is good enough to add to our site, we’ll try to get it published within 48 hours – normally much quicker.


What are the criteria for getting content published?

It’s all about the food.

We’re looking for recipes. Lots of them. If you have nice photos of your food, let’s have them but don’t worry if you don’t have expensive camera equipment. Some websites ask you to have perfectly composed photos with beautiful natural light and vintage crockery and lifestyle photos of someone’s hands holding a bowl of muesli, close up, with a shallow depth of field etc.. which is all very well but not everyone can take shots like that and, more to the point, if you’re rocking some serious recipes it’s not all about the photos is it? So – if you’ve got an interesting way of serving tinned sardines on toast – get a snap on your phone and get it uploaded.

Remember – It’s all about the food.


What type of images do you accept?

Images must be uploaded in jpeg format and must be in landscape orientation. Minimum dimensions: 800px by 533px. Maximum dimensions: 2500px by 1500px.

We like http://pixlr.com/editor/ – to resize, crop and export images. If you don’t have access to professional image editing tools, pixlr does just as good a job.


I like your site but…

If you have suggestions as to what you’d like to see on epulo, let us know. We want to build a platform that benefits its users in every way it can.